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Friday 18th October 2019 – 11.30am – 1.00pm

priestessesExpansion Ceremony workshop with convocation of Priestesses – more information soon




Friday 18th October 2019 – 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Jennifer Wust

Sacred Women’s Frame Drum and Chanting Circle with Jennifer Wust

This circle offering will involve the sharing of the Salmon Mothers Song-The Long Return, created and composed by Carolyn Hillyer.



Sequoia Krop

Sequoia Krop

Reclaim the Witch Within with Sequoia Krop

Witch – what does she bring up in you? Witch – how does she make you feel? Who is the Witch and why does she invoke such a strong reaction in us? The wild, untamed woman who we have ignored and cast out for centuries.

It’s time to bring her out of the shadows, to explore our reactions and feelings, to learn our her-story. This workshop is a ritual space. A space to drop into out ancient selves. We will call her in, explore her, feel her, embody her. We will bring together connection, spell crafting, journeying, and magick to call her back in, to Reclaim Witch.


Sue Beesley

Sue Beesley

Echoes of the Ancient Goddess with Sue Beesley

– An experiential workshop –
The Goddess lives in us today – Herstory is ours
Images from ancient times, remnants from ancient peoples, have inspired me – fed my experience of mysticism.
Using large celebratory banners and beautiful figurines from many Goddess sites and cultures, we can —
• connect to Herstory through the ages
• deepen into timeless truths
• understand the visual language of the Goddess
• revive and embody Her power
• inspire our own stories
Join me in a pilgrimage to the Ancient Goddess


Yia Alias

Yia Alias

The Power of Ceremony/Ritual to Heal a Modern World with Yia Alias

Ritual has the ability to disrupt old patterns, breaking the spell of habituated responses and old default settings. As we change and grow through the integration of internalised negative programming so too does the world around us change.

It offers individuals and communities a process to begin again, to reset, to move into the world with a mind full consciousness that has been raised up by the ceremonial process.

Continuing with the template of the Heroines Journey, Yia will be referring to the triphasic  nature of the initiatory process of Separation Transformation and Return. This offers scaffolding upon which to view/understand  the ritual process and its power to transform.

Yia hopes that women will be inspired to create their own rituals to restore /restory themselves and in doing so add to the change that this is being birthed upon the planet right now.

Drawing on her many years as a ceremony woman, Yia will share some stories of rituals that she has held and open the space for women to share their own experiences of ritual and ceremony.


Friday 18th October 2019 – 7.30pm

Maria Dorothea van Haandel

Maria Dorothea van Haandel

Film: In Her Name with Maria Dorothea van Haande

The  film ‘In Her Name’, made by our group, The Women’s Sacred Mystries (sic), who journeyed together for over twenty years. The film centres on the formation of our group and our first public ritual in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This was attended by over six hundred people and held in the city centre square in front of the Anglican Cathedral.

The film chronicles our journeys through the stages of our lives—Maiden, Mother, Crone. It reveals how we saw ourselves as women, and how we had been disempowered by the beliefs we were taught. How we healed ourselves through a three-year journey revisiting our Maiden, Mother and Crone selves and sharing our stories. We did this through retreats, rituals, creativity, and visiting sacred sites.

Being seen and honoured in our truths within the group, and then by the wider community, was life changing for us all. We ordinary women experienced the magnificence we could be—we each came to love ourselves over and over again.


Friday 18th October 2019 – around 8.30pm

Raine West

Raine West

Musical Performance with Raine West accompanied by Lyndal Gray

I will present my original songs, accompanied by my beautiful Harp, sometimes Ukulele and a couple of songs with drum or clapsticks. My songs are very intentional – songs like “Earth Mother” and “Great Mystery”, honouring the Goddess, “Maiden Mother and Crone” telling of the 3 stages of a womans life and “Change is Coming”, a bluesy sound with Uke, to “Difficult Woman” a celebration rap.

One or two songs will encourage audience participation. I will also share stories of my journey from middle class co-dependant suburban wife to finding myself for myself, manifesting my joys and needs and learning to live on my own, with a supportive community around me.

I will be accompanied by a young woman, Bexy Meraki, who has a unique style and great energy. She will sing a couple of her original songs and join me in several others. She does a great rap!


Saturday 19th October 2019 – 9.00am to 10.30 am

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Calling Lilith back from Her exile with Jane Hardwicke Collings

Our personal story of Lilith is about how we live the wounded feminine. This often results in aspects of our wild woman self, soul, lost in exile. We will call Lilith back and retrieve the aspects of our wild woman self for our personal and collective healing.


Peti Songcatcher

Peti Songcatcher

Singing the Circle of Joy and Abundance with Peti Songcatcher  

We will celebrate the Goddess and us by singing beautiful songs together. We will raise our voices to create HER and our circle of joy, abundance and beauty. You will learn new songs and feel the peace and joy of singing together, as one way to celebrate the Divine Marriage between the Me and the We.

We will create sacred space together and sing in a respectful and loving atmosphere, connecting with each other by creating a healing soundscape.

You are invited to bring your own magical note, the note from your heart. We can only create a strong circle of deep connection if everyone brings her own divine presence. We will manifest easy to learn, simple songs that you can take home to your own life as a tool to celebrate your own divinity in your mundane life. I am looking forward to sing with you!”


Shahereen Shums

Shahereen Shums

Heal-thy Chakras with Shahereen Shums

I will describe what chakras are and their relationship to the endocrine system of the human body.

We will practice few yoga poses that assist with aligning and balancing the chakras.

We will practise chakra balancing and healing using crystals,coloured flags etc. with a guided meditation.


Saturday 19th October 2019 – 11.00am to 12.30pm

Margaret de Kam

Margaret de Kam

The Mundane and the Divine with Margaret de Kam   

This workshop will interpret that theme by presenting and interpreting the work of Patricia Rose who in 2000 created Her Australian Goddess Cards as an expression of her deep love of the Australian continent.

She recognized that the Goddesses of the northern hemisphere, whilst also being deeply important to her because of her ancestral roots told different stories to those of the Australian experience. Patricia created 4 Goddesses named for the 4 elements that she saw so richly in the Australian landscape. Patricia wrote prayers related to these aspects and her husband painted images that portrayed the elements.

In This workshop we will use these cards to think about, not only the uniqueness and sacredness of Australia and the complex history of the European impact, but how we can find meaning with the purpose and messages of these cards.

And how we can relate to the elements as manifest through Goddesses created by Patricia Rose. Participants of the workshop will be given a box of the cards and we will do some experiential work with them in the workshop.




Meeting the Beloved Within with Karen IsisMoon

In this workshop, we will explore practices with breath, movement and visualization to clear the solar and lunar pathways within the body to awaken the inner beloved, reclaiming the feminine crown and the Queendom of Her throne.

All that you have been searching outside of yourself will be found within, and the time is now!


Kristie Stamford

Kristie Stamford

Body of a Goddess with Kristie Stamford

For centuries our bodies have been commodified and told how to exist in order to be valued. These negative messages pervade our patriarchal, capitalist, colonised society from advertising to cultural norms, resulting in women living in perpetual struggle with their bodies. This negative relationship with our bodies affects every aspect of our lives including our relationship with the Goddess and Higher Self.

This workshop will introduce Body Positivity as an antidote to foster a positive or at least neutral relationship with our body and honour the unconditional love of the Goddess.

Using magical processes, we will enter a ceremony of celebration of our bodies. Celebrating our power as women, communing with our higher self, our inner Goddess and praising the inseparable nature of our physical being, our spirit and Goddess herself.

We do this work with love for ourselves and for each other. Acknowledging the beauty of our bodies and spirit. Accessing and activating our inner Goddess, our wild woman, reconnecting our mind and spirit with our bodies and learning body positivity as an act of devotion to Goddess in all her forms and understand that we all have the body of a Goddess.




Saturday 19th October 2019 – 1.30pm to 3.00pm & 3.30pm to 5.00pm

Pandanus Weaving – earrings and pendants (Parts 1 & 2) with Aunty Bilawara Lee and Aunty Nadine Lee

More information soon.


Sunday 20th October 2019 – 9.00am to 10.00am 

Anique Radiant Heart and the Priestesses of the Temple of the Global Goddess

Anique Radiant Heart and the Priestesses of the Temple of the Global Goddess

Dreaming vision for Priestess Convocation 2020 update with Anique Radiant Heart and the Priestesses of the Temple of the Global Goddess

For more information about the Priestess Convocation please visit the website www.priestessconvocation.com




Sunday 20th October 2019 – 10.30am to 12.00pm 

BJ Long

BJ Long

I am a Circle Part 2 ‘The Sheroe’s Journey’ with BJ Long

In a Sacred Grove the Goddesses gather to tend Gaia’s HEARTh. It is the Time of Negrido and the sun is in hiding. The Woman adrift, confused and carrying the burden of her Ancestral Wounding stumbles upon a sacred grove. It is here Gaia, stuck in labour alarmed for the earth and also The Woman’s well being, urges her to step across the Threshold into The Other World.

This courageous re-dreaming is a mythological quest into the belly of the underworld; where patterning and pain have the potential to re-awaken or destroy the Heart of the Sacred Feminine.

Seven Wisdom Keepers: Dark Goddess, Fir Goddess, BoneWoman, Wild Pony, Drum Mother, The Mender, The Dark Goddess, Grandmother Spider and Uzeme Shamunka of the Yoniverse assist in The Women’s unfoldment.

Part 2 is in evolution in the ‘I am a Circle’ Trilogy. It is presented in draft form and is not a fully performed play. It is an overview reading with some movement from excerpts of the play. Set in Sacred Circle BJ’s personal story telling style weaves shared dreaming from Wisdom Keepers from around the world.


Pia Cameron

Pia Gia

Goddess of love, Sensuality, sexuality and Women’s mysteries with Pia Gaia

 …‘All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual’…

Join me on a journey around the Celtic wheel of Rhiannon, Avalonian Goddess of Love, sacred sexuality, sensuality and wombmyns mysteries. With dance, touch and ceremony together we shall hunt the shadows at our edge places and enlighten our authentic truths. Through Her many faces, reflected to us in her sacred mirror of love, we see ourselves, the raw gift of love that we too can choose to see.



Judy Mort

Judy Diana

Journey to Avalon: Bridie ~ Fire Goddess of Inspiration, Healing and Poetry with Judy Diana

I invite women to join me in deep ritual to invoke and honour Bridie the Incarnator, well known and much beloved Goddess of ancient Brigantia.

During the workshop we will open the infinite space between this world and otherworld, journeying to the mystical Isle of Avalon. In this landscape we will connect with Goddess Bridie and learn a little of Her powerful Herstory, which pre-dates the Celtic era. 

We will come to know the many faces of Bridie (also known as Brigit, Brighde, Brigid, Brig, Bride) meeting Her as Triple Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of Birth, Spinner of Fate, Mistress of the Forge, Goddess of Smith-craft and Goddess of the Healing Waters.

Tracing Her evolution through the centuries we will discover that as Primal Ancestor, Bridie is still revered; and remains relevant to us in today’s modern world.

In collective ceremony we will invoke and honour Birdie. We will receive Her healing gift to us. We will seek Her fiery inspiration, to create poetry and traditional craft, in celebration of Her

Tricia Szirom

Tricia Szirom

Sacred Commitment to the Land with Tricia Szirom

What would happen if we each made a sacred covenant with the Great Mother – Gaia?

In ancient times rulers had to make a symbolic commitment to protect the land through a marriage with the high priestess who represented Goddess. This ensured that the land was honoured. This custom was common in ancient lands from Sumer, through parts of Europe to Britain.

In Australia, Aboriginal law and spirituality are intertwined with the land, the people and creation and this forms the culture and sovereignty. Land is the Mother, core to Indigenous culture and this also gives responsibility to care for Her.

As we think about the crisis for our Mother Gaia today, what would it mean for us as Goddess women to take a sacred vow to honour and protect Her? 


Sunday 20th October 2019 – 1.00pm to 2.30pm

Aunty Bilawara Lee

Aunty Bilawara Lee

Healing Circle with Aunty Bilawara Lee

Bilawara’s healing circle is comprised of a maximum of 20 participants who turns to voice an issue or burden that they want to heal using the collective energies of the circle and with the guidance, support and protection of the ancestors of the spiritual world.

The healing will be conducted by Bilawara Lee who is an Aboriginal Elder of the Larrakia Nation of Darwin, Northern Territory Australia. She is a healer and teacher of the ancient wisdoms of Aboriginal spirituality.


Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose

My Talisman of Goddess Illumination with Lizzy Rose

Join High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose in a sacred elemental ritual honoring the earth as mother, as we delve deep inside our souls center to journey through the energy and depth of self-soul expansion.

In this unique ritual we will deeply meditate grounding into earth mother before recognizing and embracing our true self.

Each attendee will craft from clay supplied, their own personal Goddess, a reflection of their inner and outer worlds activating this Talisman during the peak of ritual through a communal spell casting & release. This ceremony is liberating and life changing yet simple enough to understand and follow for any level of esoteric practitioner.

The ritual is layered in design intentionally to reach a cone of power and once achieved is carefully yet magickally condensed to return each individual safely to the circle and align within themselves necessary balance, leaving the soul in a state of eternal gratitude and love.


Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Pathway of the Heart with Brooke Medicine Eagle

Dawn Star’s Lineage Powerfully beneficial guidance has been given us for our walk forward into this new time of peace, abundance and loving light.

Brooke will share profound teachings from her native FlowerSong – Dawn Star lineage about the primacy of the heart and love in our awakening to the Golden Age.

More than simple emotion, it is a rich and full pathway to a good and blessed life in which we offer our highest gifts, manifest our dreams, and serve our world.

Anna Watts

Anna Watts

Divine Mother Love with Anna Watts

Connecting with the Love Hormone for Healthy Relating

Our first experience of loving connection in the physical realm may occur when we are in our Mother’s womb. During a healthy pregnancy, followed by an undisturbed labour and birth the potential for us to receive the greatest infusion of love occurs. This flood of oxytocin, the hormone of love, orgasm, labour and breastfeeding, connects us, through our own mother, to the love of the Divine Mother.

On the other hand, if birth is disturbed (medically intervened); the umbilical cord cut too soon or bonding and breastfeeding interrupted, this negatively impacts the oxytocin flow. In turn, this can affect our ability to open to trust in loving relationships, healthy bonding and security.

The placenta is the organ through which oxytocin flows between mother and baby, it is called the ‘Forgotten Chakra’ by midwife, Robin Lim. In this workshop you journey with the sound of the drum to reconnect with the placenta as the source of divine love, re-establish the flow of oxytocin which is your birthright and learn simple tools to boost oxytocin in daily life.