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Wisdom Keepers Goddess Conference Oct 2021


1. Tricia Szirom Finding Crone Wisdom

What does it mean to be Goddess?

2. Yia Alias Bone Woman- Shamanic Mystic  Conscious Eldering


Tamara Von Forslun



Awakening the Goddess or

Oracles of the Goddess

4. Dijana Harris


I am heartful (meditation)

Panel : How does the Goddess, Feminine Creative Force, take a stand?

5. Jenny Cameron Women at the Centre – cultures of peace and the Goddess throughout time.

Book Launch


6. Caitlin Erica Return To Her: A Journey of Sensual Movement
7. Marita Kennedy Songs connecting us to Mother earth
8. Elizabeth Brandis Crystal Bowls
9. Andromada Goddess Rosary
10. Eileen Kaufman Dance of Goddess Pele
11. Jen Wust Drumming Circle
12. Judy Mort Early Morning Movement and  I am Woman Goddess workshop