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Weavers – the women crafting your Australian goddess conference experience.

A conference takes many hands hearts and heads to happen these women ( the weavers) are currently crafting a beautiful experience for everyone who participates.

Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart -goddess confenece weaver
Anique Radiant Heart

High Priestess of the Global Goddess, Goddess Scholar, Sacred Singer Songwriter, author of “Chanting the Chakras – A Way to the Goddess Through Energetic Use of Voice”, and internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Anique Radiant Heart is a well loved member of the International Goddess Community.

A wise crone in her early seventies, Anique has created CDs celebrating the Goddess, produced Goddess festivals, conferences, and led tours to sacred sites all over the world. In 2007, she was crowned a Foremother of the Australian Goddess Community at the Australian Goddess Conference.

For many years she has maintained a Goddess Temple in her home for all to enjoy. She is currently teaching a 3 year Priestess Training program in the Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland. Dedicated to assisting women to reclaim their natural spiritual authority, Anique continues to teach women the power and joy that comes from a sacred path that celebrates the Divine Feminine


Aunty Bilawara Lee,  Cultural Protocols Advisor 

Aunty bilawara lee
Bilawara Lee

Bilawara Lee is an Elder of the Larrakia Nation of Darwin Northern Territory, Australia, Her name Bilawara means the red tailed black cockatoo: an ancestral spirit being that brings about change. This powerful spirit totem supports, guides and protects her journey of bridging the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women of the world.

She is acknowledged and respected as a healer and teacher of the ancient wisdoms of Aboriginal Spirituality and Healing and she is the Australian Aboriginal representative on the International Indigenous Grandmothers Council, the Wisdom Keepers of the Worlds Ancient Sacred Knowledge.

As a Grandmother of the oldest, continues surviving cultures on Earth, Bilawara is committed to sharing her wisdoms and love with others and is dedicated to helping women and girls discover the wholeness and boundless beauty within their spirits and hearts. She travels nationally and internationally to conduct special life-changing workshops and ceremonies. Aunty B, as she likes to be called has been a supporter of the Goddess Conference Australia since its inception and is a beloved member of the Australian Goddess Community.

Elizabeth Brandis
(Priestess in training)

Elisabeth brandis - sound healer
Elisabeth Brandis

I lived for 11 years in Asia, surrounded by temples, images, statues and honoring of the Divine
Feminine. I observed the rituals and respect that was paid to these Divinities.
In 2010, I discovered the amazing experience of Crystal Sound Therapy using an orchestra of
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

I now have a Diploma in Crystal Sound Therapy from the Karyna Centre for Transformation and i started my own sound healing business Solestra Crystal Alchemy. I play Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls at labyrinths, for Special Events, for special Sabats, in Sacred Sites around the world and offer workshops for conferences and retreats as well as individual healing sessions, house clearing, cleansing & re-affirming.

I was drawn to Goddess as a way for Service. Feeling the wonder of the Loving Presence of the
Divine Feminine. I attended many amazing Goddess Conferences and felt the joy of a supportive Sisterhood. I explored how I might be of specific and appropriate Service.
and so, I was drawn to the Teachings and Priestess Training of the Temple of the Global Goddess and its High Priestess Anique Radiant Heart.

Mishele Richardson (Priestess in training)

Mishele Richardson at the goddes temple maitland
Mishele Richardson

Very honored to be in service to the Goddess community. I attended an Invoking the Goddess retreat, hosted by Anique Radiant Heart over a decade ago and it changed my life! A yearning started,a need to learn more about the ancient ways of the Priestess. To experience being immersed in the beauty of the Temple. To learn more about The Goddess. I’ve been involved with volunteer organisations, dedicated to creating safe, sacred spaces for women. Currently a facilitator at Red Circle Sisterhood – creating a safe space for women to gather, be empowered and transform. 

Kirsten Wolf (Priestess in training)

Wolf Ifritah

Priestess in training wolf is a visual artist, performing artist (ifritah) and graphic designer/ web weaver (pixelmorph). She is bringing her digital marketing and graphic design skills to serve the goddess and her sisters. She is looking forward to creating and participating in an inspiring and empowering gathering of women focused on goddess worship and culture.

Her journey to goddess culture has traversed many years and many fields as has her creative practices rambling as journeys do though visual arts , circus , fire performing , bellydance and technology. Wolf loves working with her community of women to create new ideas and transformative experiences.

Would you like to be involved in some way creating contributing or participating in the Australian goddess conference? We are still needing our amazing volunteer crew (Melissae)
If you are interested in working for the Australian goddess conference, please contact us either through the site or the facebook group for details