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Petta KneeLah

The Goddess Conference 2016… Abundant gifts from so many divine women … grateful to many I will find a way to honour in divine way and time.

Mishele Richardson

What an honour

Ohhhh………..did we drum up some magick over the weekend?……ohhh………yes we did………… she sung!!!

What was the most incredible part of the weekend was the gifting of knowledge and love and healing from the Indigenous Elders 🙂 What a gift and honour……shall treasure the memories

Wendy Rule

A truly fabulous and transformative and joyous time at the Goddess Conference.

Elizabeth Murphy

What a wonderful weekend ❤️

Kerry Joyce

What a joy! Thank you

Red Catherine

The Goddess conference, what can I say but AWESOME JUST AWESOME1 So many gorgeous women such a diversity such discussion and awareness and what a charge to the soul heart and being. Thank you all who spoke to me, hugged me, listened to me speak for the animals of earth and gave me so much love and courage, You all inspire me and amaze me and the future looks so fabulous, I want to hug you all and I do, peace and blessings to you all Kom ta Pastaxxxxxxxx


… what an amazing time I feel very blessed we will be talking about this for years eh


BJ Long Dearest Anique… thank you for inviting me to the Conference it was a wonderful experience and I met so many beautiful women…I appreciate all the effort everyone put into its organisation it flowed it seemed effortless and well that’s the secret 👏 👏 👏 omg your voice I’m gob smacked truly… and your jazz songs took my breath away…And what a team Jen Deborah and lovely Maree etc just precious… as I travel home content filled to the brim with inspiration so touched that the Aunties came…I am sure that the richest of fruit will come to bear in all of us… I feel so rewarded by the generous and loving I am a Circle audience too …and touched by everyone’s response all weekend..my cup over flows with gratitude 🙏🏽 love BJ


So many poignant highlights at the Goddess Australia Conference …The Aunties from Central Australia honoured and blessed us with their presence…the wisdom the laughter the divine rituals in all their forms brought all of us together…the thread of knowing wove all sacred circle dwellers together…I am so grateful to have met so many wise and generous women…She is Rising !!!

Martina Sandles

Feeling excited and grateful to be able and have chosen to take time out to be here at the Goddess conference, sharing the space with amazing women. Being touched by the love abd care of all involved and this sweet little gift 💞 looking forward to 3 days of exploring, connecting, singing and laughter 💖 🌻

Diane Houston

I’ve just spent 4days in the company of strong wise Women from all over the world….what an inspiration!! My heart is bursting with Gratitude….check out Goddess Conference Australia….check out Susun Weed (Wise Women Ways) and don’t miss the next one next year…what a TREAT!!


…I feel blessed to have been at the Conference.

Thank you to all of you who gave of yourselves …much Love

Thank you Anique …I feel blessed to have been at the Conference..Thank you to all of you who gave of yourselves …much Love

Dijana Marton-Harris‎ 

 Dearest Sisters THANK YOU for an amazing Event! THANK YOU for your welcome and support! THANK YOU for your LOVE! THANK YOU for stepping into your Goddess Light! With sincere gratitude Many Blessings to ALL

Caroline Sarah‎ 

It’s taken a few days to have any words to describe the event which was really the most magical and wonderful of times.

I was exhilarated to finally have the courage to present a bold body of work as my alter ego Vivienne Malmsbury. Thanks for those that gave me courage and support before and after my presentation. I will be doing some breath work to improve my presentation skills in the new year, but mostly am proud to have been able to tell my tale and hope it inspires many women in different ways. Lilith was a powerful teacher for me.

I am also in awe of all the logistical and energetic support by the Converence Weavers. It is a phenomenal amount of energy contributed, so blessings to you all.

I am clear about my next body of work and indeed have already sown the seeds of my next writing, exploratory project. I am quite excited. All will be revealed….

Thanks again Anique Duc and all the beautiful women involved in making this a memorable event in so many ways.

My heart felt love from the bottom of my dress up box There was definitely gold to be found here. Xxx

Gianna Bau Thank you it was truly a blessed and magical experience l loved the entire experience thank you x

Kat Heff It was such a beautiful weekend. many thanks to you all for the dreaming and the doing. It sits in my heart – a soft light of inspiration and love xxx

Frances Billinghurst …..Thank you Anique Duc, Bilawara Lee and everyone else for arranging the event and allowing me to take away many thoughts and memories. I appreciate the huge amount of work that would have gone on behind the scenes to organise and prepare such an event. It was a great honour to sit with the aunties, to listen to the variety of Wisdom Keepers, to take part as an Embodiment in the ritual, to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a while, and to make new connections….


Caroline Cara Denigan  On Sunday it was my privilege to facilitate a workshop at the Australian Goddess Conference. I’d like to thank the participants who placed their trust in me and enthusiastically embraced the process I mapped out to explore the topic “Making Space for the Goddess”. It was gratifying to have you all journey with me and come to a sense that you can craft space with purpose and express the sacred. Thank you all. I can’t wait to see what you manifest.


Yia Alias

My heart is still full from the Beauty and Generosity of teachings shared by the elders that travelled from afar to share their Wisdom and knowledge. I was humbled to be in the presence of these women and to hear their stories and teachings…. thank you from the deepest depths, I will always remember this auspicious moment…. you opened our hearts.


The sweet sweet rain has drenched our gathering place at the goddess conference. A beautiful cleanse to mark the profound and deep connections made here this weekend. This morning when I returned I could feel the loving energies of the Auntys and grandmothers hanging like a fine mist from the trees.This is the view from the turtle truck where I stayed with Kirrilee, it is here we were blessed to have a magnificent grey white owl as our evening companion. As the roar of the storm passes I offer my gratitude for everything. In Love Yia

Gillian Moxom

Wow. .. what an amazing experience to sit in circle with elders who were so generous and willing to share their knowledge and wisdom of this ancient land with humour and humility. … I am blessed so truly blessed … renewed and rejuvenated …….. I am so very, very grateful xxx