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Goddess Conference Program 2022

*Preliminary program subject to change

Friday 22 April

4.00pm – 6.00pm
Arrival and registration

Dinner Dining Room

7.30 – 9.30pm
Opening Ceremony

Vaudeville of the Vulva
Presenter: Laura-Doe

Dripping with tongue-in-cheek humour, Laura-Doe’s canny characters and unusually vocal velvet vulvae illuminate and entertain on the fertile topic of female genitalia. A missionary with a position, she leads us giggling and gasping into a deeper appreciation of this much maligned and misunderstood body part. Taking the baton from the ground breaking work of V (pka Eve Ensler) in the Vagina Monologues, Vaudeville of the Vulva, is a series of light-hearted sketches that inform by entertaining. However its motivation is also serious. It seeks to gently lift taboos, using comedy and song to release tension and create the freedom to speak about, understand and appreciate the amazing portal through which we are all designed to enter the world.

Saturday 23 April

7.00am -Crystal Bowls and Chanting in the Temple
Elizabeth Brandis and Anique Radiant Heart

7.30 – 8.30am

9.00 – 10.30am

What does it mean to stand in our ‘I Am Goddess’?
Panel discussion by Goddess Elders led by Anique Radiant Heart

I AM Her light in the world

This diverse panel of Goddess women of different ages, experiences and cultures will explore what it means to manifest, embody and represent Goddess in the world.

The panel, who have walked with Goddess ranging from one year to forty years, will present their thoughts and experiences and provide opportunities for all participants to think through their own understandings.

Goddess manifests differently for each of us, from the deeply personal to the outwardly political.  Stepping into the ‘I AM’, we embody Her as we feel Her presence within, between and around us. At that point we are at one with Her. She empowers us to be Her light and take that light into the world.

10.30am Morning tea

11.00 – 12.30pm

Frame Drum and Chant Circle
– Jennifer Wust

We are our Heart. We sit within the Circle. We are present to Goddess and The Ancestors. We are witness to each other. The deep open Beauty of Heart. I invite those who are called to join the Sacred Circle of Drum, of Chant, of Joy, of Heart. No previous experience required. 
Please bring a frame drum.


From a Rock to a Heart Place    –   Nina AngeloA Women’s Story, Art & Healing Journey.

Nina invites you on a creative story art & healing journey where, using music and blindfolded, you will surrender from your left analytical to the right creative side of your brain, then using your chosen art ( five 40 second pieces of music, five small pieces of paper) you will  translate your design onto your rock with your love and intention. Through the power of art & music you will transmute your story & ignite your #creativity.

12.30pm Lunch

2.00 – 3.30pm

Workshop Dancing in the Echelons  –  Jacqueline Dreessens

To be able to express ourselves as the divine beings we are, we

A reference point for meeting the Goddess in a mangrove ecosystem.

In this workshop you will develop your own wild moves through the learning of a traditional song, drumming and dance about the river goddess, Oshun from the Yuroba people of Nigeria, West Africa. I will then share with you my own performance ritual of Echelons and how I embodied the sacred space between spaces within the mangrove forest of Lake Connewarre on Wadawurrung country in Barwon Heads, Victoria. We will then co create our sense of Oneness in the Sacred Feminine through poetry, photography, music and dance and in so doing deepen our understanding of the nature of water, earth and light.


Workshop Connecting to Your Womb  –   Myola Woods

Our wombs have innate wisdom for ourselves, our sisters, and the planet. When we connect in the group for healing, intuition and information we can transform old beliefs, patterns and habits into empowerment and knowledge.

Discover the ways you block and ignore your womb wisdom

Connect with your own womb intuition

Create space in your being for a greater self-knowledge and power

Find your way to connect with the greater womb wisdom for planetary healing

Afternoon Tea

Women at the Centre – cultures of peace and the Goddess throughout time

Jennifer Cameron

Discover little-known information about our secret past—where, across the world, women were at the centre of the culture and worshipped as a Goddess who gives life and rebirth. No armies or police but consensus decisions led by a matriarch—the oldest woman of the clan. She is the custodian of the clan property and ensures the needs of everyone are met. Experience a meditation on life in such a village as a girl and your honoured place. What did it mean for men? Why did it change? What has survived—amazingly some such cultures have endured over thousands of years. Is this a model we could use to create a better world for everyone, and women in particular, in our own times? Together we explore the features that these ‘matrifocal’ cultures were based upon and dream a better future.

5.30pmBook Launch ‘Ancient Ways for Current Days’
Interview with author Jenny Cameron

6 pm – Dinner

7.30pm ‘I AM Goddess’ ceremony

Temple of the Global Goddess – Temple and Labyrinth

Sunday 24 April

7.00am -Crystal Bowls and Chanting in the Temple ~ Elizabeth Brandis

7.30 – 8.30am

9.00 – 10.30am

The Power of Ochre – Susan Moylan-Coombs and Auntie Deborah Swan

We will sit in Circle with our sisters and learn about how to apply and the spiritual meaning of each marking.

10.30am Morning tea

11.00 – 12.30pm

Honouring the Goddess – an enlivening of the Rosary Devotional Prayer  – Andromada Maria WinifredKennedy

This workshop includes a greeting ceremony, acknowledgement of Welcome the Radical Rosary path, enlivening connection to the Ancient as ever now, Great Mother within all women. This oldest living sacred devotional tool was once known as the Jappa Mala, the muttering Garland as strings of flowers were strung together to honour her seasons whilst singing mantras. Rosary a garland of prayer and many other hidden symbols of the divine feminine. Create your own Rosary that ignites Mother Mary as a divine birth priestess and invoke the names of 56 other Goddesses.  The mysteries of the Temple of the Global Goddess wheel uncovering the soul’s evolution through physical reality and a journey through the seven planes of existence.


Dance of Goddess Pele  –  Eileen Kaufman

A celebration of the Goddess Pele as the Divine Feminine Creative Force through dance. A movement workshop of basic Hawaiian hula dance with graceful arm movements and simple steps suitable for all abilities. The beautiful feminine movements will connect you with your goddess self. We will learn a choreography for a five-minute dance piece which can be performed at the conference by participants who wish to.

12.30pm Lunch

2.00 – 3.30pm Closing Ceremony ~ Standing I Our I AM Temple of the Global Goddess

4.00pm Depart