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What public transport do I use from Sydney airport?

Go to Airport Domestic or Airport International Train Stations Platform 1. Catch the train to Central station and change for your train to Woy Woy. You must have an Opal Card to use this service. https://www.opal.com.au/

We will organize regular pick ups from the station,  or you can get a taxi from the station.


What are the sleeping/ bathroom arrangements like?

The Centre provides twin share and some triple bed rooms.  All rooms have their own en-suite.

To secure you the better accommodation — first in first served.

Do I need to bring linen?

ALL LINEN is supplied by the venue … pillow (and pillow case), sheets (bottom and top), blankets and towel … the delegates DO NOT have to bring any of this unless they want to have their own.


Will my diet be catered for?

We can cater for meat eaters and vegetarian diets. Once you have registered you will be directed to our internal registration form where you can tell us about any food allergies you may have and we will do our best to accommodate you. However if you have complex requirements we ask that you bring your own food and we can make sure you have access to a fridge.


Do I need to book in for my preferred workshops?

Some Wisdom Keepers have asked that their workshop be limited to certain numbers, so we are asking you to arrive at your preferred workshop early. Once the numbers are reached you may be asked to move to your next preferred workshop.

What do I need to bring?


Pay Pal receipt – this is your entry ticket.

Guests need to bring their own toiletries, including soap. 

Ceremonial outfit ~ Notebook ~ Pen ~ Eye mask ~ Ear plugs ~ Torch ~ Mossie repellent ~ Camera ~ Journal ~ Hat ~ Sunscreen ~ Water bottle ~ Personal fan ~ Sunblock ~ Drum ~ Sanitary items

What do I need to bring for the Ceremony?

Dress in whatever makes you feel beautiful for a ceremony, as many sparkles and bling as you prefer – nothing is too much!

Market Stalls

Can I have a market stall/table?

Yes all delegates are offered a place in the market. You must register and book in your spot when you register. Otherwise you will not be allocated a table.

I only need 1/2 a table is that ok?

Yes, please let us know. You must register and book in your spot when you register. Otherwise you will not be allocated a table.



Will I get a receipt?

Your PayPal receipt is your ticket to the Conference. Please bring it with you as proof of payment when you register.

What time should I arrive on Friday?

Please arrive at the registration desk between 4 and 6pm to settle in to your room and be ready for dinner at 6.30pm followed by the opening ceremony.

What does “Priestess of the Temple of the Global Goddess” mean?

As many of us know,  prior to patriarchy which is only around 5 thousand years old,  prior to Buddhism, prior to Hinduism, prior to Christianity, prior to Islam,  the whole planet worshiped the Divine Feminine.  We know they made thousands and thousands of small figurines, which have been found all over the world, designed to be held in the hand, to keep them connected to the great Cosmic Mother of All, who provided for their every need.  During this period, going back as far as we can, there were no signs of any gods, or any signs of war.

The people were “governed” essentially by the Temple.  As patriarchy became more and more entrenched, we find the appearance of queens and then kings.  But during the Golden Age of the Goddess, only the Priestesses of the Temple, following the leadership of the High Priestess, ministered and governed the secular life and the Spiritual life of the Community.

Priestesses trained for many years to be “ordained” and were completely in service to the Temple.  To day, women who feel the call to be of service in a spiritual sense, can train to become a Priestess of a Temple.  To my knowledge there are only 5 Temples in the world who offer a residential/face to face Priestess Training:  The Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the Swiss Goddess temple,  The Italian Goddess Temple,  the San Diego Goddess Temple, and the Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland.