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Call for Presenters

Goddess Conference Australia 22/23/24 October 2021



This Conference is an recurring event, with this year’s Conference being the 5th in this series. Each year, we celebrate a turn of the Wheel of the Global Goddess,  and each year 2 different Goddesses will be honoured.

This year we celebrate and honour Amaterasu – Great Japanese Goddess of the Sun and Pele – Great Volcano Goddess of Hawaii.

The theme for this year’s Conference is the I AM – meaning the DEEP UNDERSTANDING THAT WE ARE Divinity,  we are the Goddess, we are Divine Beings, having a physical experience.

Please note this Conference celebrates the Goddess as the Divine Feminine Creative Force, so please no presentations about male deities or patriarchal ways of worship.

Whatever you wish to share which falls within these parameters would be welcome.


You can present your work in a 1 ½ hour session or choose to be part of a panel discussion which will be offered as a plenary session.

Please send your proposal ELECTRONICALLY. Your proposal should contain:

Your name

Email address

Web site (if applicable)

Most useful telephone number

A paragraph describing your offering (No more than 200 words)

A paragraph of your bio (No more than 200 words)

A head and shoulders jpg of you

Technical requirements e.g. sound system, power point, whiteboard etc. Please note we cannot provide such things as cushions or yoga mats etc.

How many participants in workshop

You must give us this information with your application.

Requirements i.e. powerpoint = screen, laptop, projector or whiteboard, whiteboard markers, numbers of workshop participants etc.

We also need to know if you need other props for your workshop e.g. musical instruments, music stand etc.

Deadline for submission: presenters deadline 31 May 2021


Anique Radiant Heart, Maree Lipschitz and Deborah Franco.

Please send you proposal to anique5@bigpond.com


Conference registration: Submission of your proposal does NOT automatically register you for the conference itself. If your proposal is accepted for presentation at the conference, you will be notified and must then register for the conference.

All presenters will register at a discounted rate of $415.