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Award 2018


There is a great uprising and unleashing of the Feminine in the world today….and this is so needed.  Many sisters are hearing Her call in just as many ways.  The process in how we work together in all our diverse and wonderful ways, is at the root of building a truly strong Sisterhood, add to that the dimension of the Divine Feminine/Goddess and the transformations in women globally will surely usher in a New earth.

The Temple of the Global Goddess wishes to begin a tradition of honouring women who dedicate their lives to bringing about this change.  Women, who by virtue of their particular passion, even if it is not necessarily described as “Goddess” are opening the hearts and minds of women to Her power, grace and love.

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Jane Hardwicke Collings wearing her lunary, envisoned by Anique Radiant Heart. The lunary presented to Jane at the Goddess Conference was designed and made by Jann James

Jane Hardwicke Collings has been doing just that for many years.  Through her inspirational, ground-breaking work with women and their bodies, teaching them the shamanic ways of women deeply grounded in Spirit, she has brought women who may not have necessarily sought out Goddess to Her Temple door.

For this, we are deeply grateful and the Sisterhood grows and thrives.

Thank you Jane, we are so happy to name you the first ever recipient of the Temple of the Global Goddess “I Work For the Goddess” Award for Excellence.

Blessed be.