Goddess Conference Australia

Friday 22-24 April 2022

Beautiful new retreat venue on the Mary MacKillop Peninsula, Kincumber NSW

The Goddess Conference Australia is about celebrating our glorious diversity. There are numerous ways a woman can find the Goddess. Some do it through study, others do it through devotion, and others do it through the tarot, oracles, drumming, craft, art, dance; there are a myriad paths to Goddess.   We also worship Her through many traditions and cultures and by being devoted to one particular Goddess or several.

Our intention is to build community, create sacred space, celebrate the Goddess, empower ourselves and each other, and explore the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

This Conference is a recurring event, with this year’s Conference being the 5th in this series. Each year, we celebrate a turn of the Wheel of the Global Goddess,  and each year 2 different Goddesses will be honoured.

This year we celebrate and honour Amaterasu – Great Japanese Goddess of the Sun and Pele – Great Volcano Goddess of Hawaii.

The theme for this year’s Conference is the I AM – meaning the DEEP UNDERSTANDING THAT WE ARE Divinity,  we are the Goddess, we are Divine Beings, having a physical experience.

The I AM says to us:

I AM THE Fullness

I am the ancient realization that everything in the universe

all physical forms

 all people

all thoughts and feelings

 all contain a limitless quantity of living, radiant energy.

I am the Fullness

and I tell you that fullness is everywhere

even with the emptiness

When you focus on fullness,

you are granted deeper levels of light


and sensations.

I am Fullness

and I bid you to free yourself from the limited perceptions you  have about this  material world

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